Are You Suffering From Dehydration?


From life-threatening heat strokes to swelling of the brain, seizures, low blood volume shock, kidney failure to even death – dehydration can cause a lot of problems. Using body fluids frequently and at an accelerated rate via perspiration can lead to life-threatening conditions. Severe hydration has been connected with coma and death. Dehydration can be solved simply by drinking water, but the problem is that people do not even realise when they are dehydrated. Here we will talk about tell-tale signs that will tell you when your body is low on water.


Ill Effects Of Dehydration

Change in the colour of your urine

The colour of your urine may change because of many reasons, however dehydration is also a cause. Observe the colour of your urine, if it has become yellow or dark yellow, it is a definite sign that you are losing water.


Feeling lightheaded or foggy

Dehydration causes a drop in blood pressure. When that happens you start to feel a little dizzy and lightheaded. Many people also do not report that the lack of water causes them to have cognitive difficulties, which is also known as fogging of the brain. You may experience problems with concentration and recalling things.


Headache and fatigue

Now that you know that drop in water level in your body causes low blood pressure, it also has the additional effect of headache and fatigue because blood cannot reach the brain and your body cells start depleting on oxygen. This causes headache and fatigue.


Dry skin

Drying of the skin can also be associated with dehydration, however it is very important to remember that this is the least accurate sign of all that has been listed here. Your skin may dry up because of low humidity, harsh wind, heat, high altitude, alcohol or taking long baths. Therefore, dry skin does not necessarily mean you are dehydrated also oily skin does not mean you are fully hydrated. But in some cases, drying of the skin has been associated with dehydration. To know more about the reasons behind dry skin, read our article: Top 5 Reasons Why You Have Dry Skin.


It is best to look out for the first three signs we have listed. They are far more accurate than the last one. Also, if you have read our article: How to Maintain Optimum Water Levels in Your Body, you need not worry about dehydration ever.