Best Ways To Get Rid Of Body Pains In The Morning


If you have a stiff body in the morning, there may be many reasons for it. Arthritic patients complain of this, even non-arthritic people do suffer from stiff joints and slight body pains in the morning. The leading causes of stiff joints in the morning are rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia, being overweight, lack of a good diet, lack of proper sleep or sleeping in a cold and damp environment. Additionally, a bias living person may also be a contributory factor to irritating body pains in the morning. But there are some simple ways that you can follow and make getting up in the morning way more comfortable than it is now.

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Relax Before You Go To Sleep

Adopt the practice of yoga. This will help you manage stress and relax before you go to sleep. There are some special routines that help the body ease out stress that you may have acquired during the day. When your muscles and the brain is completely relaxed, falling asleep becomes very easy. You will not have spasm in your muscles or any stress in the morning when you wake up. This will help you get rid of body pains caused due to stress. Do not eat food that has artificial colours in it or anything that you know will give you stomach gas.

Exercise Regularly

The importance of exercise in your daily life cannot be overstretched. When exercise your body releases toxins and promotes circulation of blood throughout the body. All of that contributes to a healthy body devoid of pain or stress. What you may not know, is exercise also helps in promoting good mental health. What that means is your body will not be affected by mental stress or tension which prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. One word of caution here, if you are arthritic or have special health condition, consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

Insulate Your Bedroom Better

If your bedroom has a lot of moisture content, or cold air comes in through a leak in the window or under the door, or a gap in the ventilation, you need to take care of that. A room that is ample cold is a big reason why people get rigid bodies in the morning. Especially, people with arthritis, fibromyalgia are rheumatism need to take care of your rooms to prevent cold air or dampness from getting inside. This can be done by insulating doors and windows and filling up the gaps in the ceiling if there are any.

Stretching Exercises and Hot Shower

Doing mild stretches while in bed before you set foot on the floor can be very helpful in getting your muscles loosened up. Gentle upper-body twists, stretching of the arms above your head and gently pulling your knees close to your chest in a sitting position are some of the ways to stretch skeletal muscles. This also circulates the blood around your taut muscles and helps in reducing pain due to stiffness. Another thing that helps is taking a hot shower. However, this may not be feasible during the summers. In winter, you can take a hot shower in the morning to relax your tense muscles.

If the pain becomes unbearable or persist for a very long time, do consider seeing a health expert on the matter.