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L&HM is a solution. A solution we personally have been seeking for very long. There are times when we look for information on health issues and comprehensive information in one single location but can’t find it. L&HM deals with health issues from medical information to symptoms and everything else you need to know about what you are looking for.

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Content published by L&HM is contributed by independent authors and curated from leading health publications. We do our best to deliver trustworthy content that is easy to understand and solves problems. We gather as much relevant information about a topic before publishing it. Please do not use information on this website as a replacement for professional advice of your health care expert.

Information published in L&HM is not sponsored. We are an independent and unbiased team of authors and contributors and we focus on documenting the health care domain in details. Once again, if you have a health condition, or need more information on a health issue, please contact a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

people-who-careLatest information contributed by people who care about you. We will never publish information that we are not sure about. Our contributors and authors base their data on credible sources and mention them under 'References' in each post.
informative contentLearn something new about health every day. Knowledge is power and keeping abreast of latest news and updates will help you understand your health better. From groundbreaking researches to long-forgotten literature, our contributors discover new information for you every day.
balanced-and-unbiased-contentAlways balanced and unbiased content. We are not sponsored or supported by any commercial organization. We are not-for-profit, independent and unbiased and we sincerely intend to stay so forever.